• exercise, fitness, running

    How To Find Joy In Exercise And Fitness

    Finding joy in exercise and fitness. Exercising and working out is not the best things one can look forward to. Basically, it is not what our bodies ask for and in most cases ...

  • Wonder Women, donating hair

    Wonder Women Wednesdays: Alissa Manning

    Wonder Women Wednesdays: Alissa Manning 19 Year Old Alissa Manning Chops Hair and Gender Stereotypes There are thousands of stories of girls cutting off their hair, donating i...

  • couple walking dog, animals, dogs

    Enjoy walking your dog during the cooler months

    Enjoy walking your dog in this cooler time of year The dog days of summer may be over, but now we’re left to enjoy all the pleasantries of fall: pumpkin spice, crispy leaves, ...

  • Sandwich Ideas

    Sandwich Ideas – Delish Combos for School Lunch

    Sandwich Ideas – Delish Combos for School Lunch Try these 4 delicious sandwich ideas! Avocado and Mango Sandwich Ingredients 1 tbsp fresh lime juice 1/3 cup light mayonn...

  • Dairy Foods

    Dairy Foods: Stronger Than The Alternative For Growing Kids

    Dairy Foods: Stronger Than The Alternative For Growing Kids Health Organizations and Powerful Body of Research Affirm Dairy Foods Are Important Source of Calcium and Vitamin D...

  • Wonder Women

    Wonder Women Wednesdays: Lauren Hill

    Weekly Wonder Woman: Lauren Hill Our this week’s Wonder Women is the beautiful Lauren Hill who has two goals: one is to play in her first college basketball game and the...

  • jelly bean bracelet

    DIY Jelly Beans Craft Ideas

    DIY Jelly Beans Craft Ideas  Check out some DIY jelly bean crafts below! Get creative, have fun and you get to eat your creations when you’re done. As long as there̵...

  • gluten free dessert

    Fruit Salad, a Sugar-Free Dessert Year Round

    Sugar-Free Dessert Year Round Check out this really easy recipe for fruit salad! Fruit salad is the perfect treat for any sugar-free, gluten-free desserts especially with all ...

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