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  • woman drinking water, speed your metabolism, metabolism

    A few best kept health and beauty secrets

    What does best kept health and beauty secrets really mean? The first Best Kept Health and Beauty Secret is to use the correct pH of all products used on your skin. The recomme...

  • coffee scrub ingredients

    Coffee Scrub for the Face?

    Coffee Scrub for the Face? To all coffee lovers out there! This is a good one! Many of us are accustomed to the daily ritual of guzzling cup after cup of coffee to stay awake ...

  • woman screaming

    Tips on How to Deal with Stress

    How to Deal with Stress Stress is a problem, which if not taken care of properly can ruin walk all over us! So, let’s take some actions against it and work on this handy tips!...

  • painted nails

    Awesome Painted Nails

    Painted Nails Here’s a great way to do your nails! I call it Awesome Painted Nails. This is what you will need: 1. A cup of tiny milliliter beads 2. Some craft glitter (...

  • teacher writing on board

    10 Teacher Advice Tips You Should Know

    Teacher advice tips An insider look at some teacher advice tips to help your child succeed in school and in life. Hint to Mom and Dad: Hands off that next project! I became a ...

  • make up magic,

    Makeup Magic

    Makeup Magic Russian make up artist Vadim Andreev takes very average looking women and turns them into super models! Moms: This would be great to show to your daughter’s...

  • trail-mix

    Recipe for Trail Mix

    This is a recipe for trail mix. Simple, easy and delicious. Here are the ingredients: 1 cup of chex mix cereal 1 cup of dried fruit (your choice) 1 bag of M & M’s 1/...

  • Tina Fey

    9 Inspirational Quotes From Independent Women Who Kick Butt

    By BuzzFeed Don’t get turned off by this quote. We all know who gets stuff done! There’s a lot to be said for what these independent women have to say! Well worth ...

  • Juliette Brindak

    What A Tween Entrepreneur Learned At College

    Juliette Brindak started a social networking site for tweens when she was 16, and it's doing better than ever. Miss O And Friends generates 10 million monthly visits, a twent...

  • food map of usa

    A tastier look at food design

    The art of food design just got a tastier look. Artists Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves created a series of maps made entirely out of the foods for which the countries are ...

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